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We provide a wide range of both Team Building and Leadership programmes and, where appropriate, encourage both facilitation and group discussion. Additionally with all events, we encourage the opportunity for networking, communication, fellowship and the all important ingredient of FUN!


Our Approach to Team Building. 

We specialize in the provision of unique action-based learning experiences, whilst customizing your group’s specific objectives and pair them with activities to create experiences that are based on both learning themes and key leadership principles.


Team Building Programmes

Our programmes are usually designed to be far more informal, ‘fun’ events, creating an atmosphere where clients are challenged by a series of team activities. Teams are asked to think, perform ‘out of the box’ and share activities together in very unusual and unique locations. These programmes provide for an excellent basis for bonding, team work and communication skills. Whilst facilitation does take place it is handled in a very informal manner.


Leadership Programmes 

Our leadership journeys start with a vision. Along the way there will be obstacles that require strategy and courage; risks and challenges that require support; and there are unexpected moments of wisdom. All our programmes are carefully designed to meet exact client requirements and are fully facilitated and should be experienced as a ‘journey’. 


In all our programmes we incorporate the five essential ingredients: 

  • Vision - To have the ability to articulate a forward-looking, vision for any organization one is privileged to lead, setting the tone and the direction. It must be rooted in a clear view of the big picture. Vision is the catalyst for change.

  • Courage - Courage is necessary to aim high, to consult and to share the vision. To lead requires the courage to make and to stand by difficult choices and to stay the course.

  • Involvement - Involving others transforms ‘the’ vision into ‘our’ vision. It is the engagement of all concerned — to enlist their participation, to profit from their insights, and to harness their creative energies

  • Organization - Creating an appropriate structure to support a changed vision makes new priorities immediately obvious, and establishes an environment in which change can flourish.

  • Action - Action transforms vision, courage, involvement, organization and leadership into reality.

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