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World Events Asia (Thailand) is a Company registered in Bangkok Thailand. We have expertise in several types of oversea exhibition & events and we offer our full service as an , events management, trade show or exhibition, events management and events supporting services which include modular stand and designs, production, sound, light, AV systems, equipment rental included installation & dismantle across oversea, Asia pacific, Europe, and Africa  We are a professional event supervision firm specialising in events management. With our consultation and impeccable execution your event will exceed all expectations. Whatever it is, we always keep our clients’ needs in mind to increase maarket potential, locally and internationally. ​


We are keen to work with different types of clients from diverse cultures for reasonable prices and to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.​


We value the triumph of our clients events, so we provide: ​


1. Subtle knowledge on multicultural societies that enables us to better understand others from different backgrounds and to reduce any potential gap of communication during work progression.


2. Technological expertise; the importance of suitable technology for event management is unequivocal, all event management must take into consideration how technology can be utilized to maximize the effectiveness of your event.


3. Experiential marketing creates powerful and imaginative branding that will leave a lasting imprint on the reciever's mind.


4. We have a state-of-the-art production team to provide the best quality to our client.


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